Ledarskap enligt årets blockbusters

A leader of the Galactic Senate’s Loyalist faction, Mon Mothma opposed Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s policies during the final days of the Repulic. Working in secret, she helped found the Rebel Alliance, and served as its civilian leader during the long struggle against the Empire.

Mon Mothma is one of the founders of the Galactic Republic. When we see her in Rogue One, she tells Jyn she has a chance. A chance to make a clean start. I loved this. Mon Mothma gave a criminal a second chance to start over and do something right.

Isn’t that what great leaders do? They see the potential in people and draw it out of them, even if they’ve failed before.

Help those you lead see their potential. If they’ve messed up in the past, be willing to give a second chance for redemption.

Trust in leadership

“Trust goes both ways.” – Jyn Erso

You want your team to trust you. Yet you may not trust your team. As Jyn so elloquently said: Trust goes both ways. It isn’t a one-way street. You must have the trust of your team, and you have to trust your team. Without trust, there’s disunity, disdain, and hurt.

Aliens – Sigourney Weaver as
“I will never leave you. That’s a promise.”
Ellen Ripley, Lieutenant
Aliens (1989)

Frost – Let it go!


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